• Arakelov motivic cohomology and zeta values. In: Motives and Homotopy Theory of Schemes. Abstracts from the workshop held 16-22 May, 2009. Oberwolfach Reports 7, Issue 2 (2010). (pdf)
  • Arakelov motivic cohomology I. Joint with Jakob Scholbach. in Journal of Algebraic Geometry 24 (2015), 719-754. (arXiv, journal link)
  • A first step towards automated conjecture-making in higher arithmetic geometry. Work-in-progress paper presented at the Conference on Intelligent Computer Mathematics, July 2016. Published in the CEUR Workshop Proceedings. (pdf)


  • Zeta types and Tannakian symbols as a method for representing mathematical knowledge. Submitted to the proceedings for CICM 2017 (pdf)

In preparation

  • New perspectives on multiplicative functions: Lambda-rings and Tannakian symbols. Joint work with Ane Espeseth and Torstein Vik.


  • PhD thesis: Arakelov motivic cohomology (pdf)
  • MSc thesis: Harmonic analysis on number fields (pdf)

Student projects supervised

  • Ane Espeseth and Torstein Vik: Motivic symbols and classical multiplicative functions. Essay awarded 1st prize in the Norwegian Contest for Young Scientists, April 2016, and 1st prize in the European Contest for Young Scientists (EUCYS 2016) (pdf, news report)


I usually give talks without using slides, but here are a few exceptions:

  • Cohomology theories in motivic stable homotopy theory. Oslo, Sep 2012 (pdf)
  • Motivic representation rings. Representation Theory 2016 Conference, Uppsala, June 2016 (pdf)
  • Zeta types and Tannakian symbols. 2nd Conference on Artificial Intelligence and Theorem Proving (AITP 2017), Obergurgl, March 2017 (pdf)

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