Saturday, 12. December 2009 0:29

Welcome to my webpage! I am a mathematicican with interests in arithmetic geometry, homotopy theory, and various other things. My thesis and some of my preprints can be found here. For more about the kind of mathematics I like, visit my blog Motivic Stuff. To contact me, send an email to firstname dot lastname at gmail dot com.

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Arakelov motivic cohomology I: new version on arXiv

Saturday, 17. September 2011 0:11

A new version of Arakelov motivic cohomology I (joint work with Jakob Scholbach) is now available here. This version contains in particular a higher arithmetic Riemann-Roch theorem.

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Moving to IHES

Saturday, 17. September 2011 0:02

In September 2011 I am moving from Université Bordeaux 1 to IHES, starting a one-year postdoctoral position there.

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Old essay on Tate’s thesis

Monday, 14. June 2010 9:07

In 2005 I wrote an essay reviewing the results in Tate’s thesis. This is now available here.

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Current activities, Jan 2010

Monday, 18. January 2010 7:04

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